Friday, June 17, 2011

Blog SEO Tutorial: How to Choose the Best Title For Post

Make your story the TOP 1 on your targeted keywords on the 3 largest search engine, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
This is a simple tutorial on how to select a title for our new post that will top on the 3 largest search engines. The main idea is be on the first result. It doesn't matter if it is clickable on the part of the researcher or user as long as the keywords you are targeting are in there and it is understandable. But of course you still have to consider the spelling and grammar of the title. Before anything else, I would like to think that you already have an existing content or story. But if you don't have any, this is also a good start for creating a new one.

Draft a title

Of course you need to have a title for your post. The title must contain the main idea that you want to share to your readers. Let's take a look for this post as an example. My first title for this post is "How to choose the best title for new post that will be on top 1 on search engine results." I believe that is a good title for this one.

Search the title on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

(I took screenshots on the results on this one in case there will be some changes once I will post this content. Google, Yahoo, Bing)
In trying to search the title on these 3 search engine, you will find out what keywords these search engines used out of your drafted title. The bolded words or phrase on the search results are the keywords used by the search engine.

Define Your Targeted Keywords

When trying to search my drafted title on the search engines, I found out that they actually search on wrong keywords. Now, this helps me define what keywords I want them to search. Out of the title, I draw out these keywords I wanted to target.

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In choosing a keyword, it doesn't matter if the words are not connected to each other as long as the words you wanted to target is on the title.

Formulate the Title

After choosing the keywords, you may now formulate the title.

Example of titles that I formulated before arriving to this titile.
  • How to Choose the Best Title For New Post Tutorial
  • How to choose the best post title for new post
Try searching new title on the 3 major search engine to avoid duplication.
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