Sunday, January 18, 2009

Adding a Favicon

What is a favicon?

We all know that an icon is a graphical representation or a symbol of a person or an organization. In most cases, it is the logo.

One of the interesting features of HTML is the website icon or popularly known to us as the Favicon, a shortcut for Favorite Icon. This icon is an image that is displayed, by supported browsers, before the site's title in the tab or the image you can see beside the site's url in the address bar.

2 ways of using Favicon Feature

There are only 2 ways of using this feature. Originally, the means of enabling this feature is by uploading our icon as "favicon.ico" to the root directory of the web server. Now, with the help of our advancing systems, a more flexible solution to this was incorporated in the HTML. By adding the HTML tag <link href="{image url}" rel="shortcut icon"> in between the head tag (<head></head>), your favicon will be displayed just like the default way. It doesn't have to be in an icon format anymore. Any image is already good enough as a favicon.
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