Friday, January 16, 2009

Pagerank 4, how did I get it?

Pagerank 4?! Wow! I was surprised when I checked this blog's pagerank one day. It was the least I expect from this blog.

How come I got such high pagerank?

I don't really know.

Perhaps, the creation date was one of the significant factors Google considers in ranking a website. I created this blog for almost 6 months now. I posted one funny interesting post entitled "Husband of the Year 2008" and added a poll for readers to participate.

Or perhaps, the sudden increase of visitors was also considered. I tested all my blog marketing techniques on this blog, though it had only 3 few posts. I contacted a lot of bloggers through tagboards and comments for exchange links and also told them about that one interesting post and its poll.

The rest of it, I don't know. Those 2 things, creation date and sudden increase in visitors, I believe made it possible to get such high pagerank.
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